Understanding Early Speed


Understanding Early Speed
Is the Advantage of Early Speed Points Math or Myth?

Video Seminar: Running time 1:53

This 7-Chapter video seminar explores every facet of Early Speed Points.
All of these materials and tables are brand new and never seen before.

  • How often do 7 or 8-point horses go to the lead?
    (Sprint Races: 8-point horses will lead at the 1st call 54% of the time!)
  • Does the lone front runner really have an edge?
  • Does too much early pressure result in closers winning?
    (Not what you’d think!)
  • Introducing a NEW PACE OF RACE METRIC!
  • What factors combine well with Early Speed?
    (Lots of surprises here as well.)
  • Do ES Points really produce more winners?

And much more. Lots of situational statistics to give you an edge over the competition.


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