Renegade Handicapper (Download)


The object of every handicapper is to win. To make bets that provide good long-term results. But making an accurate odds line is so difficult! Yet without it a day, at the track often becomes an exercise in futility and frustration. After all, making good bets is where the rubber meets the road, right? But how do you construct a decent odds line? How do you know, with any certainty, which of the contenders is worthy?

There are many approaches to creating a winning odds line, but none of them seem to work. They all have their problems, from distorting the odds to not working well with low-odds horses. Our Renegade Handicapper system does away with all those issues, not by ignoring them, but by acknowledging them, and using them in your favor.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but you pick pretty good contenders, right? The problem always comes down to “Which horses do I bet?” Wouldn’t you say that many of your losing days can be traced back to simply betting the wrong contenders? In fact, wouldn’t you say that your best days are the ones where you made the right betting decisions among your contenders?

What if you always knew which of your contenders were the best bets in the race? That is what the Renegade Handicapper does!

Sure, they may not always win, but the goal is to continually make the good bets, right?

Here’s how it works:

We all know what a good handicapper the public is, right? Well, the Renegade Handicapper approach will use your own contender method and combine it with the accuracy of the betting public. The end result is a very powerful probability line. And, if you know a horse’s chances of winning with any degree of accuracy, you know the end results will improve, right?

In the future you’ll know:

  • When you have a playable race
  • When you have a profitable contender
  • How much to bet on each horse

Never unknowingly make a bad bet again! It’s like counting cards at the black jack table (without the risk of getting barred). Imagine knowing exactly which horses will be profitable and precisely how much to wager on each one.


Dave Schwartz’s Renegade Handicapper System is a short set of training videos that will stop you from being a hat-pin bettor.