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Introducing …

A Surefire, Easy-To-Understand-and-Use Way

To Address Form Cycle in a Very New and Different Way!

Consider yourself a serious horseplayer, but wonder why you don’t win more frequently? Relax … you’re probably a lot like countless other fans of “The Sport of Kings;” that is, you know a lot about handicapping … but form has always been an elusive commodity.

And now you can get it. Dave Schwartz, one of America’s best-known and most successful handicappers with a record of success that spans more than 20 years, has put together a remarkable, 3-Hour Video Seminar called Improve or Decline: Unlocking the Mystery of Form.Your time with Dave will be well-spent learning a completely systematic approach that will give you a dramatic handicapping edge.

It’s true … because Improve or Decline has already helped so many others. You’ll learn so much that you can use to get an edge – you’ll learn which horses are likely to run their best race todayand which are likely to decline! You also learn how to tell when a horse’s best race still won’t be good enough! You’ll learn to quickly recognize whether a race sets up as a “key-horse” exacta race or a  “chaos race,” predicting especially high mutuels.

The import thing is  that It WORKS – and it could be just the thing you need to take you to the profit side!

It’s called Improve or Decline. Order it today.


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